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    Enterprise Networking

    Intelligent. Responsive. Integrated

    For today’s data-driven business enterprise, the network is instrumental to success. Redline has the people, processes, and expertise to help you get more from your network. Our certified engineers work closely with your team to assess the current performance needs of the enterprise and evaluate future demands. We’ll have the knowledge and connections to get your switching, routing, and wireless infrastructure to work efficiently with cable, satellite, and public utilities. Customers will consistently experience high-quality, reliable connections across a single campus, remote campuses, and access points around the globe. From configuration to connection to documentation, Redline will design and deploy a scalable, updatable, expandable system that increases the speed of data and communications without sacrificing quality.

    Swift, streamlined switching

    A poor performing network or, worse, one that is down puts productivity — and the enterprise — at risk. Redline doesn’t just connect the dots; we deliver robust enterprise switching designs to assure continuity and enhance productivity. We customize switching designs to optimize critical applications and business goals: on-demand performance, seamless wired-to-wireless mobility, data, file and server access, video, and voice services across the network. And we make sure your data is secure, so what’s on your network stays there.

    Revved-up routing

    Reliability is critical to the success of any organization, and that includes the enterprise network. Business requires the ability to connect quickly and securely. If you lose that connection, your business is at a standstill. With Redline as your networking partner, you can rely on a dynamic routing design that allows your workforce to move data and communications at rapid-fire speeds between offices, whether it’s one floor up, across town, or across the country. Not only do we give your network speed, we build in reliability. When your network is robust and has security and redundancy built in, you get the same class of service across a room or in multiple buildings around the globe — enabling clients, staff, partners, and vendors to connect whenever, from wherever, and however they choose. And you get a network that revs up connections and revenues.

    Wireless agility

    Today’s mobile workforce can boost productivity, but it can also present increased challenges for the business enterprise. There are a myriad of things that can create interference, cause a network to fail, or breach security. As wireless devices evolve and technology becomes more sophisticated, the increased demand can also increase frustration. The Redline team has the expertise and ability to develop and deploy a consistent, uniform level of performance across your enterprise. We perform site surveys and spectrum analyses to provide consistent connectivity while managing hundreds of access points and network vulnerabilities. Redline will deliver the planning, implementation, and ongoing support necessary to fully integrate wireless across the enterprise, enabling the network to meet rapid changes and growth in applications such as voice over Wi-Fi, video over wireless, cloud-based systems, and real-time mobile collaboration. As the enterprise continues to change, the Redline team can help to greatly maximize your investment while exceeding your performance expectations.