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    Enterprise Security

    Redline Network Security. Your first line of defense.

    Even the most sophisticated enterprise network can be fraught with risk that can slow it down, interrupt activities, or bring it to a halt – and the business activities within. There are two types of threat to the enterprise – internal and external. Of those, attacks can be accidental or intentional. One of the greatest dangers is employees, vendors, or contractors who unwittingly access sensitive data through email, questionable websites, wi-fi and mobile devices. External threats from hackers, viruses, and the growing danger of corporate espionage all lurk outside the network seeking weakened points of entry. Redline will assess your risk, design and implement a plan, then provide testing and documentation to ensure the enterprise network continues to run securely.

    Assessing and navigating the risks

    A compromised network leaves the entire enterprise and all its data vulnerable. Before you can prevent loss, you have to reduce risk. Redline’s thorough assessment offers a comprehensive end-to-end analysis to identify breach points and measure vulnerabilities such as injection attacks, http forgeries, access restriction enforcements, social engineering, mobile applications, mobile devices, and any path that may allow an attack. We analyze each risk and evaluate the level of risk posed. Our team then identifies the most effective detection and prevention applications. Once assessment is complete, we will present a full report. Then, we will work with your team to develop a security plan that addresses your most immediate threats and anticipates your future risks to safeguard the network and protect the investments of the enterprise.

    Designing, deploying, and fine-tuning

    The complexity of large enterprise networks makes the correct implementation of network security more critical, and more challenging, than ever before. Redline engineers design a security system that includes the most current innovations in intrusion prevention, access controls, and multiple layers of data protection. Our network security solutions are scalable and designed to ensure that enterprise policies are not violated, ensure rapid remediation of accidental exposures, and to ensure regulatory compliance. Once the network security plan is designed and approved, our team will install the system and test it to ensure that it is running properly.

    Securing remote access

    Remote accessibility is an essential element of business success. It affords employees, contractors, and partners the ability to work from anywhere — whether it’s at home, across the country or around the globe. No matter how complex the enterprise, the access method should be simple. It also needs to be secure, allowing access only to authorized users. Redline has experience with both simple and not-so-simple VPN solutions. We help clients

    (1) design solutions compatible with their needs

    (2) develop procedures for access requests/provisioning

    (3) deploy or advise clients how to best deploy their remote access solutions

    (4) build a solution with layered security from the ground up

    At the end of the engagement, we will gladly schedule return visits to provide audit reviews and keep your VPNs running securely.

    Troubleshooting and support

    Currently, there is no security solution that provides 100% protection. If there were, that distinction would be short-lived since hackers get more sophisticated with every passing day. So minimizing intrusions, corporate espionage, and interruptions (due to the rapid deployment of a growing number of mobile devices, software, applications, and access points) and preventing downtime is essential. Our engineers are available for troubleshooting and support on a regular schedule or as-needed basis to make sure that the enterprise network stays strong and robust.

    Security infrastructure Experience
    Firewall design
    DMZ environments (real and virtual)
    Site-to-Site VPN (policy and route-based)
    Client SSL/IPSec VPN
    NAC 802.1X
    DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
    Network posture assessment